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The Cosmic Dojo with Stef Todd

Stef Todd

I don't take myself too seriously, and through humor and my smart ass guides, this journey of mine as a Psychic Medium and Energy Medicine Healer and my perspective brings much light heartedness from the metaphysical realms to podcasting.Through sharing stories and experiences, channeled guidance and meditations, and talking about the weird, wild, and wacky, this will be a fun and entertaining, to say the least. All the woo-woo that feeds our soul.And I'll have numerous guest speakers on time to time. What can come in: ghost stories, chakraology, Arcturians and other Light Beings, opening sacred space, past/future lives, Akashic records/DNA, starseeds, who our guides are/can be, all kinds of fun topics we'll cover, as well as take-aways and how said experiences can also offer mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual supportive healing.I'll share things and then teach how to manage or work with your own energy and intuit for empowerment and healing purposes.